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Your body was designed with an innate capacity to heal when given the support it needs. YOU have more control over your health than you might think! Allow me to be your partner in navigating the way back to the abundant health you were divinely designed for. You don’t have to go it alone!

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Tamara holds classes on site at the Abundant Life Centre. These cover a variety of topics and are inexpensive (often just $10 per person for a 90-minute class). Check out the schedule of upcoming classes! IN PERSON CLASSES ON HOLD DUE TO PANDEMIC.

For Health Coaches

Abundant Life Centre for Healthy Living is an approved provided of Continuing Education Credits for the National Board of Health and Wellness Coaches (CEP#100096). Our bite-sized, affordable and actionable courses help NBC-HWCs to grow their expertise, influence and income.

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I am the partner who can help you navigate your way back to better health, step by step.

Your primary care doctor is very helpful when you have an acute problem or emergency. However, he/she seldom has time to look at your big picture and really get to know you. And it’s not their fault! Many clinics require providers to see 30 or more patients per day, so they just don’t have time to spend with you.  It’s no wonder you leave an appointment feeling unheard and without real answers! I take time to know you and what influences your life and health, so plan on an hour or more for your first appointment.  I make sure that we address the things that concern you the most, and find options that are going to help you feel and function much better.

There is so much conflicting health information online and in the media, and it can get confusing. What applies specifically to YOU? We all do the best that we can with the understanding we have at the moment. And it may be things that you don’t understand yet that are holding you back.  I provide demystified health information that you can easily understand and apply in practical ways to your own health. This understanding also helps you have intelligent and informed conversations with your doctor if you are under a doctor’s care.

Your journey requires steps specific to your health issues and your life. Chances are many things you have tried before... the diet that worked for your friend, the latest 'superfood,' or current health fad... have not worked. They won't work unless they meet your specific health needs. I am like a GPS for your health journey, helping you identify options for getting to your destination of optimum health, and implementing the steps along your journey so you arrive successfully and as quickly as possible.

You are a complex and integrated being, not merely the sum of your parts.  Everything is connected to everything else, so anything can cause anything! But your body was designed with an amazing ability to repair and heal itself.  Just as health can spiral downward as one or two aspects erode, health can rebound when needed support is provided. You have more control than you may think, which is good news! We address 6 main aspects of your health: Physical, Mental/Emotional, Nutritional, Environmental, Spiritual, and Bioenergetic.  The more support you can provide to each aspect, the more your body has what it needs to function properly and heal.

I am not a doctor and do not “diagnose” or “treat” any disease. I help you to identify contributing factors in your current state of health, and then put the habits and supports in place to address those factors. You’ll create a lifestyle that supports your health instead of sabotaging it.

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